Sales support programs tailored to fit your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to adjust your sales approach, increase geographical reach or implement alternative sales channels, OnCall’s sales solutions are customizable to your exact needs. All teams include full recruiting, dedicated sales operations, HR and compliance resources, and field sales technology support. Field sales, virtual sales, clinical nurse educator and medical science liaison teams can be fully integrated to create a multi-channel promotional strategy.

Field Sales Teams

Field Sales Teams

This is our turnkey solution for emerging and established companies that require a complete go-to-market sales infrastructure or desire a flexible alternative to hiring additional sales representatives. Our field sales teams work exclusively on behalf of one client and can be viewed as a flexible extension of your own internal resources that can be deployed whenever and wherever business opportunities dictate. OnCall’s field sales teams are custom-built to each client’s unique specifications, including:

  • Representative and manager profile
  • Your corporate culture
  • Training and sales operations support
  • CRM platform requirements
  • Sales incentive plan design and administration

All OnCall sales personnel have the requisite experience identified by our clients as being critical to their success. Representatives are provided with extensive disease state and product specific training which prepares them for the consultative, evidence based sales presentations demanded in the marketplace today.

We also provide end-to-end team infrastructure support, including:

  • Comprehensive HR administration
  • Compliance oversight and training
  • CRM platform and hardware
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Sample management and reporting
  • Fleet management

OnCall has successfully deployed high-performing field sales teams of all sizes across multiple therapeutic categories for pharmaceutical, OTC medicine, medical device, dental equipment and diagnostics companies. And all of our field sales programs give clients the option to transfer all or part of their sales team to their own employment roster.

Contact Center Teams

Virtual Sales Teams

Our virtual sales teams offer a full range of remote multi-channel detailing and customer service options to promote or support products and services to healthcare professionals and their patients. Our virtual sales programs offer an efficient, highly flexible sales channel encompassing:

  • Outbound tele-detailing of physicians and pharmacists
  • On-demand live video detailing
  • Tele-sampling programs
  • Vacancy or whitespace management
  • Inbound customer service and patient support
  • Email communication

Each virtual sales team is recruited, resourced, and trained to our clients’ exact specifications and supported by a fully customizable customer relationship and data analytics platform that enables real-time, two-way information transfer and reporting.

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Teams

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Teams

OnCall’s field-based MSL teams provide comprehensive medical education and thought leader interaction to the healthcare industry. We are dedicated to bridging traditional medical education/affairs services with the core business objectives of sales and marketing activities.

Our MSL programs utilize the scientific knowledge and clinical experience of healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PHDs, MDs, etc., to provide outreach solutions to meet a wide range of objectives, including:

  • Pre-launch key opinion leader advocacy
  • Product launch support
  • Boosting underperforming products
  • Fending off new competition
  • Expanding market leadership
Clinical Nurse Educator Teams

Clinical Nurse Educator Teams

OnCall Clinical Nurse Educator Teams bring clinical education programs directly to healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers, accelerating treatment adoption and improving product adherence beyond traditional sales and marketing efforts. Clinical Nurse Educator Teams are staffed with RNs and can:

  • Provide healthcare professionals with training, clinical in-services, and information regarding specific disease states and products
  • Support patients and caregivers with programs designed to enhance adherence and retention to drug therapies and lifestyle changes
  • Provide educational programs to professional staff such as physicians, nurses and other key personnel through one-on-one presentations, round-table discussions and formal presentations
  • Integrate as needed with sales professionals to identify and work within targeted practices
Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

The nature of our business enables us to anticipate hiring needs by actively prospecting candidates every day, continually building and enhancing our database of top-quality candidates in the U.S. and major markets around the world.

OnCall works closely with clients to define the precise profile of the ideal candidate. Our full-time, regionally based recruiting team then sets tough hiring criteria to ensure that candidates meet our clients’ demanding standards for professionals such as:

  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers
  • Product managers

We perform all screening, interviewing and testing before presenting the most qualified candidates. Our fully automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows us to maintain a database of over 18,000 applicants, allowing us to track and maintain a list of qualified candidates for immediate hiring.

Sales Force Training & Development

Sales Force Training & Development

Gaining meaningful access to decision makers is an ever-increasing challenge, and sales representatives must make the most of each contact. Our training department specializes in helping healthcare sales organizations succeed by harnessing the full potential of their sales teams. We implement high-impact training programs and design incentives to help drive sales force performance. OnCall has built a core development team comprising professionals with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, real-world sales environments and sales processes. These individuals are experts at:

  • Instructional design
  • Principles of adult learning
  • Developing innovative training solutions

Our training programs are custom-designed to reflect the unique training needs of your organization and your preferred delivery of training, including:

  • Curriculum Design — We develop and deliver engaging, educational and effective live workshops and online courseware
  • Representative Communications — We create and deliver interactive programs to maintain training momentum and continue to teach throughout the year
  • Web-Based Learning Portals — We design, write, develop and host web-based learning portals and develop learning communities to promote continued access to scientific and sales training content
  • Learning Management Systems — We track, assess and report on learner progress via proprietary learning management systems to tie it all together

Through all phases of the learning process, we ensure that representatives understand the fundamentals of your product and develop the skills and confidence required to:

  • Readily and effectively articulate the core science surrounding your product
  • Skillfully handle objections using evidence-based support
  • Employ persuasive, well-crafted sales techniques that change customer behavior